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Big Break Dominican Republic – Episode 10 Final

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Wow, what an amazing finish and I’m so excited I helped the ladies pull it out. It was a great show for me and all of the ladies. I finally feel that I played well when it really counted, I held up under pressure and got it done! I know I only finished third, but I played well today. (more…)

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Big Break Dominican Republic – Episode 7

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

Loosing Momentum….
Today was not my best day….nor was it for most of the ladies. I have said from day 1 that my biggest strength is my short game and tonight I did not prove that to be true. The first challenge was a round the world event where you gained one point per each putt you made and if by chance you missed you could continue again trying to increase your points, but if you missed twice you would loose all points. (more…)

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Big Break Dominican Republic – Episode 6

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Throughout the course of this show people have been asking me how long the show will last since there is so many strikes that need to be given out; well last night is how. Six strikes were handed out!! I am so grateful that I wasn’t one that collected!

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Big Break Dominican Republic – Episode 5

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Well the weather kept us waiting to see what happens and I guess it will do the same for you! We will have to see what happens next week between Elena and Andrew, but leading up to this match we played awesome! I can honestly tell you that the first distance challenge was an absolute blast. We made a challenge that is actually quite hard look like a 20 handicapper could do it. It isn’t easy to hit a shot just past another ball while trying not to hit it too far past, but we did such a great job.


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The Big Break – Dominican Republic – Episode 4

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

I’m a little late with the blog , its been a busy week. Helped raise money for the First Tee in Little Rock, did a Golfing with the Girls clinic and just yesterday played with the Rock legend Alice Cooper and his lead guitarist, Damon Johnson. Great dudes, perfect attitudes and salty players!!! Alice shot 75! Even par on the back and 3 birdies. Thanks for a great day guys and enjoy the rest of your tour!!!

As for the Big Break this week was another victory for the ladies! Super excited about it and hoping that we can keep this momentum going, its a girls show thus far!!! hahaha  But it wouldn’t be half as entertaining without the boys!!!


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Big Break – Dominican Republic – Episode 3

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Christina Lecuyer - ASAT's Big Break CorrespondentWhatta show! We pulled off the biggest upset so far this series, we beat the boys in the benching challenge with the 1 stroke deficit. Blair and Lori played so well and I think it was a great show for Blair’s confidence; she really needed to play well in that challenge and she did! Like I said before the challenge started “if this backfires on the boys its going to be the biggest mistake so far”! And it did.

We all know the results of the benching challenge, but the reason we got into the situation is because we played so poorly in the flop wall challenge and we just couldn’t get it back in the drive accuracy since we were so far back. Watching the show it was so frustrating because we really screwed up the first challenge and how we approached it. Looking at the challenge before we made teams, and chose the order in which we played, we ladies figured the first wall was going to be the easiest part and the second wall was going to be very hard since it was so tall and we had to get it so close to the hole…..We were wrong! That first wall posed a big challenge for everyone but Blake, he rocked it! It only took him 2 shots to place the ball perfectly, it was amazing. On TV that shot didn’t look that hard, but being there it was very difficult we should have played it so different. In that challenge Blair, Elena and myself felt very confident so we were all going to go for the second wall and Brenda and Lori were going to go first, this was probably a mistake. The first wall was so important because everyone was trying to get it up and down fast and that’s harder than being able to have room to fly it. We tried our best and now we know, but I would have loved to take a rip at that wall!


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Big Break – Dominican Republic – Episode 2

Friday, October 8th, 2010

The second show is done and girls win!!!

Going into the second show we as a team decided that the first challenge of the day is the biggest thing in this season and as you can tell by the results it was! We need to have the advantage of winning the benching challenge and get the advantage! We pretty much played even with the guys in the morning, I won my match vs. Brian and Lori won hers. I’m didn’t play as solid as I would have liked, but I still got the job done and as many people in golf know…it really doesn’t matter how you do it, it matters that its done! It was tough that we had to go to a playoff , but I feel it was the right decision to put Lori in the playoff.

I know Lori and I have had our issues, but Im thrilled she was on my team for this show. She really stepped up in the playoff and beat Andrew with a great birdie, that’s the best way to win…and she also got it done in the benching challenge with Dave. Its a huge momentum boost for the girls getting Brenda back and having a boy on the bench.

We need to keep this momemtum going and keep the girls on the winning side of things….its all about the team win and getting all boys eliminated!

I know that the next show will be crazy…ups and downs and emotions all the way with twists and turns….enjoy the show and talk to you next week.

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Big Break – Dominican Republic – Episode 1

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Christina Lecuyer - ASAT's Big Break Correspondent

Well the first show is in the books and it was great….except for the girls loss. It came down to 1 second and 1 shot! Golf really is a game of inches. Hate that it came down to that little, but it is also encouraging that we kept things so close and exciting.

It was so weird to watch the whole thing unfold again, it gives you goose bumps just watching. I loved watching the glass break and I couldn’t wait to see my sand save, it was really fantastic shot if I do say so myself. A 40 yard bunker shot it tough. Blake got a bad break with so much spin on his ball we both hit good shots.

It was too bad that A Rod’s ball was chosen because he was playing so well off the bat. It would be interesting to see what would have happened if someone else was chosen. Brenda didn’t play that bad, its just so hard to come back from 1 stroke in 2 holes. However, I know she will be such a motivator for our team on  show 2 and will come back firing when she’s off the bench. Love that girl and huge congrats to her….She became Brenda Barb this weekend after marring her prince charming this past weekend!

Well can’t wait to see whats in store for next week so be sure to tune in next TUESDAY @ 9pm/eastern on Golf Channel!!

And thanks for the support!!!!!

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